Getting a table –

  • To avoid disappointment we recommend you book a table in advance as we need to control numbers and you need to be sat at a table whether you are eating or just drinking.

  • As we are restricted on numbers, we will have to restrict you to 2 and a half hours at your table.

  • There will be NO seats at the bar. Customers cannot stand at the bar.

  • You are only able to book a table for only two households indoors. If you are eating or drinking outside, you can meet up in groups of up to six people from different households.

  • If you do arrive early, please stay in your car until your allotted table time or ring us to check if your table is free. We want to avoid queuing at the entrance.  


We need to know who you are! –

  • As required by the Government we will need to collect the contact details of everyone in your party – which will be held for 21 days only.

  • When you are taken to your table you will be given a form to complete with the contact details of your party. Please fill out immediately and return to your server.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are unwilling to provide your contact details then due to current Government protocols we will not be able to serve you as it will threaten our licence longer term.   


When you get here –

  • Entry will be via the patio doors with the other doors for exit only; these will be clearly signed.

Hand sanitiser –

  • There will be hand sanitisers located at different points in the pub including very importantly at entry and require you to please use these.

  • Please make sure you wash your hands if you visit the toilets as well!


How The Boot will look inside and out –

  • We have reconfigured the seating in and outside the pub so that there is at least 1 metre between tables and most cases you will have your back to the table closest to you.

  • You will be required to remain at your table at all times even in the garden, except if you have to visit the toilets.

  • Menus will be photocopied so they can be disposed of after your visit.

  • On visiting the toilets we ask you to maintain as much distance from other guests as possible. Look for the signing system which will be in place informing you if access to the toilet area is available – red and green signs.

Our Team –

The safety of our team and customers is of paramount importance. Your cooperation in making the team’s job as easy as possible would be appreciated. The role is not easy at the best of times, but the extra protocols make things even more complicated. They will all be wearing masks and gloves and will respect the appropriate social distancing. 

When you have finished and are leaving –

  • All payments will be made at your table when inside and in the patio area when outside.

  • When you leave the pub please use the main doors of the pub, NOT the patio doors. If you are leaving the garden area do not re-enter the pub to reach the car park, please use the garden gate.

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